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Questions about Bergen

Tourist information?

At the Fish Market, on the second floor of 'Mathallen'.
Phone: +47 55 55 20 00. Web: www.visitbergen.com.


Nearest bike rental?

'Bergen bysykkel' has stands around Bergen, at NOK 49 per 45 min.
The nearest stand is just across the road from the hotel!



Street parking is available and free only at night time (23—08) and weekends (Saturday 17—Monday 08).

During the day, the only available street parking is in Strømgaten outside the Kiwi supermarket (maximum 2 hours). Prices start at NOK 22,- per hour.

The nearest parking garage is Grieg Park (map). Prices start at NOK 230,- per day.
Another option is to park at the bus station (Bygarasjen), 400 meters away. Prices here start at NOK 150,- per day.


Nearest pharmacy?

Vitusapotek Nordstjernen Bergen, on the second floor of Bergen Storsenter.

Opening hours 08:00—23:00 (Sundays 13:00—23:00)
Phone: +47 55 21 83 84



Cutters at Bergen Storsenter; Express 15 minute haircuts and you always pay the same; NOK 299,-.

Web: www.cutters.no


Nearest grocery store?

Kiwi supermarket, located across the street from the main entrance of the hotel.


Nearest post office?

'Posten', inside Coop Extra Håkonsgaten.


Train station?

Bergen Jernbanestasjon. For more information, go to www.nsb.no.


Nearest bus/tram stop?

Bergen Busstasjon.
Here you will find a 'Skyss' information office, stops for the Airport Express bus and for a lot of the local and regional buses as well as the long distance ones. You will also find a stop for the City light rail ('Bybanen') here.

For more information, go to www.skyss.no.


Flesland airport express bus?

Bergen Busstasjon, at platform 'N'. The bus departs every 15 minutes at weekdays and the trip takes approximately 25 min given normal traffic.
For more information, go to www.flybussen.no/en.


Nearest shopping centre?

Bergen Storsenter, approximately 350 meters from the hotel.


Nearest gym?

SATS Elixia Bergen
Phone: +47 55 54 13 70.


Norled Ferry?

For more information, go to www.norled.no.


Bergen Card?

Can be bought at the Tourist Information Center.