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Citybox Recommends: This Spring

Biggest movie releases

  • 1919 High ground (EN) 19/3
  • Roald Dahls Heksene (EN) 31/3
  • Resistance (EN) 09/4
  • Voyagers (EN) 09/4
  • Akira (EN/JPN) 16/4
  • Generasjon Utøya (NO) 30/4
  • Godzilla vs Kong (EN) 30/4
  • Nobody (EN) 30/4
  • Black Widow (EN) 07/5
  • Gritt (EN) 7/5

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This month’s biggest theater shows

  • Et Dukkehjem (Teaterkjelleren, DNS) 5/3—10/4
  • Madamme Bovary (Store scene, DNS) 24/3—13/5
  • Vaktmesteren (Lille scene, DNS) 18/5 – 01/6

This month’s biggest concerts

  • Bernhoft (Ole Bull Scene) 23/3
  • Oslo Ess (USF Verftet) 26/3
  • Boy Panlo (USF Verftet – Røkeriet) 8/4
  • Trygve Skaug (Forum) 10/4
  • Metteson (Ole Bull Scene) 13/4
  • Grace & Menace (Ole Bull Scene) 04/5

Other big events

  • Festspillene i Bergen 26/05 – 09/06
Place type: Park / Walking or jogging route
Parkveien 24

Closest park and one of, if not the most beautiful park in Bergen, and real nice for just a short walk, or to run laps around. Follow the pathway to get further down into the park.

  • Walking dist: 5 min
Place type: viewpoint / walking or CROSS COUNTRY SKIING
Vetrlidsallmenningen 21

Take a ride on the funicular up to the famous Mount Fløyen, and see the beautiful view over Bergen. Eat a waffle, say hello to the troll, and take a stroll on one of the many different walking paths on top of the mountain.
If we are blessed with snow, Fløyen offers several nice cross country skiing routes.

  • Walking dist: 15 min
  • Price: Medium
Bryggen, 5003 Bergen

Bryggen is world famous and it dates back to 1070 A.D. It is also on the UNESCO world heritage list, and it is well worth a visit to see the old wooden houses, that has remained the same since the early 1700's, when they were rebuilt after the big fire that burnt all of Bergen down to ashes in 1702.
It is free to walk on Bryggen, but it will cost you a little more if you decide to do some shopping in one of the stores. We recommend a visit to Julehuset - a store filled with only Christmas decorations!

  • Walking dist: 15 min
  • Price: Medium
Øvre Blekeveien 1

If we have been lucky, and have had a few days in a row with cold, clear weather, Skansedammen will turn in to the perfect place for outdoor ice skating. Remember to bring your own gear! Don't have any? Then we suggest visiting Iskanten instead - an indoor arena for ice skating and curling, at Loddfjordveien 2, 5171 Loddefjord.

  • Walking dist: 30 min
  • Price: Low